The 3 Easy Steps To Creating The Perfect Stripper Persona


If you’ve been dancing for a while, you’ll know there’s 3 specific undesirable types of customer you’re definitely going to have come across. (There’s actually a hell of a lot more, but these 3 are undoubtedly the 3 worst!) If you haven’t been dancing for a while, listen up! These 3 are only a few months away at the most!

You’re going to have come across that customer who falls in love with you, and starts being a little too pushy about wanting to meet you outside work and make you his wife. It’s annoying at first, but definitely starts to become creepy and uncomfortable after a while.

You’re going to have experienced that customer who gets on a little too well with management, or spend enough to get on well with management, and thinks it’s ok to treat all the girls like shit, just because he gets on with your boss. And worrying about falling out with the manager makes that situation much harder to deal with.

But worst off all, at some point, every dancer has experienced that customer who wants to get to know us, and for whom when we try and explain the whole strip club environment is a fantasy, and we don’t want to become his girlfriend in real life, they make us feel genuinely scared for our safety.

This is just one of the reasons why it’s so important to have a fake stripper persona. On the flip side, from a career perspective, when customers come in the door, they’re coming in because they want to fulfill a fantasy. If you can give them that, if you can give them the fantasy that’s only existed in their head up till this point, they’ll be willing to give you a lot of money for that. If you can’t, the best case scenario is you pay the club the door fee, and go home with less than you came in with.

Creating the perfect stripper persona, that lets you fulfill his fantasy, is much easier when it’s completely disconnected from who you really are in your personal life, not to mention significantly safer! And in this article, we’re going to break down the 5 easy steps you need, to create the perfect stripper persona, to have every customer completely addicted to you!

Your Stripper Name

You probably guessed it! Your fake persona starts with the name! Strip clubs will all require you to use a stage name when talking to customers, it’s there to protect your own safety, and stop customers tracking you down in real life, but if you’re making a fake name, why not make one that guys melt at the sound of.

Pick something easy to say, without more than 2 syllables in the word, and something you can pull off saying to people in a sexy tone! Try not to use the name of anyone you know too well, you want to be able to easily mentally separate this persona in your head as well!

Your Stripper Personality Traits

Positivity is the most important quality for a girl to convert the customer into a sale. Smile! Exude happiness! Doing this will make customer naturally want to spend more time around you. Laugh at his jokes! Gently touch him on the arm! Once you’ve established a relationship where he just wants to spend time with you, you’ve primed the customer to sit there, and let you run your ‘game’ on him!

Any problems, worries, or personal frustrations stay with the real you. No customer comes in picturing their fantasy girl having anything less than perfect in her life. The best way to do this, is to picture your perfect day. What would you be doing? How would it make you feel? Bring that dream into reality. Picture that happened to you today, and live this out. It will create a very natural sense of euphoria within you, a feeling which is bound to be contagious!

Your Stripper Experiences

Sex! These must always feature sex! The customer is most likely to spend if you can get him turned on fast! The best way to do this, is to just have a nice and normal conversation about sex, the same way you’d have about your favorite lunch! If you’re talking to a customer about experiences you’ve had in the past, always add in something about having sex, or wanting to have sex there. Ask him if he’s ever thought about that. Get him to start talking about it, but more importantly, to start describing the things he’s thinking.

Once you’ve guided the conversation here, this is the point where you can start escalating, and closing the customer for a dance, or more!

Now that you’ve got the secrets you need to get that first dance, you need to make sure that customer you’ve worked so hard to turn into a paying customer, keeps coming back! And becomes a regular!

That’s why we’ve put together a bulletproof guide for you on how to turn that customer into a regular! All you’ve gotta do, is click the link below, and tell us where you want to send your guide.

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Once the customer comes back the first time, you’ve made back double your investment! And every other time after that is just pure profit! Forever!


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