The 3 Simple Steps To Dealing With Jealous Boyfriends


If you’ve ever had a boyfriend while working at a strip club, and he knows what you do, I’m willing to bet the following sounds familiar.

When you first met your boyfriend, you told him pretty fast what you do for work. Heck, some of us even meet our boyfriends at the club!

So it seems like he’s cool with it! The ones who met us at the Strip Club definitely seemed cool with it at first!

In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ve got at least one bragging to his guy friends about how he’s dating a hot stripper!

But a couple months into the relationship, when things start to look like their maybe getting a bit more serious, suddenly, he seems a lot less ok with it.

He’s not offering any alternatives, he’s just suddenly becoming less and less ok with the career you’ve spent years building.


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