How To Find The Hidden Venues For Success


Some of us live in cities where there are only 1 club to work at. Which makes picking the right one really easy.

But have you ever considered that a city just down the road may have a club where you could triple your income for an extra hour’s commute per day?

It’s a big commitment moving to a different club, you don’t know how the management will treat you, you don’t know what the other girls are like, you don’t know what the customers are like!

And it’s not like you can just turn up and ask for a 1 day trial at each!

You need to know before you walk in, exactly how the management would treat you once you’ve been there a year down the line.

You need to know what sort of customers come here, how likely they are to spend, how they treat the dancers, and how quickly the ones who cross the line would get thrown out! (If they do!)

You need to know how the other girls will treat you! If they’ll all gang up on you to make more money themselves, or if they’re happy to work with you to work the customers together. You need to know if they’ll offer “optional extras” to customers that’ll make you’re job much harder by comparison!

Well by the end of this article, you’re gonna know exactly how to identify all 3 of these things, about any venue, within a few minutes of being there!


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