Your 7 Nightmare Customers And How To Avoid Them!


If you’ve been working in a Strip Club for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly found your customer fall into the ones who give you the respect you deserve, who pay you for your time, and who treat you the same way you treat them, like a person. Then there’s the other kind. The kind that makes you wish you just didn’t come into work today.

Well while we can’t stop them coming into the club, we can break them down into the 7 categories your nightmare customers fall into, and set you up with a bulletproof strategy to never having to deal with their shit ever again! Heck if you follow our step-by-step guide, some of them might even wind up becoming your most profitable customers!

1. The ‘Negotiator’

2. The Octupus

3. The ‘Entitled’ Customers

4. The White Knight

5. “I’m better than you”

6. Sweat Pants Guy

7. The Ladette


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